Jodi Faber is a Philadelphia based multidisciplinary artist with a background in illustration and sculpture. Jodi graduated from Tyler School of Art in 2017 where she received her Bachelor of Arts in Visual Studies. Her work has been exhibited locally and abroad in Philadelphia, St. Michaels, Tenerife, and Rome. Her work is inspired by toys, comics, interpersonal relationships, feminine experiences, the surreal, nature, and community.
Artist Statement
As children we make sense of our world through sensory exploration, eventually familiarity with our surroundings turns our raptured attention into indifference. My art strives to rekindle the excitement of discovery through interaction and play. I take inspiration from toy design, and try to find ways to create an emphatic desire to reach out and touch with my sculptures. In my illustrations, I love playing with dimensions and weaving different forms in and out of each other. I like the idea of my illustrations functioning as almost a visual maze for the viewer to follow and make sense of the entangled shapes. Ultimately my goal for my art is to create pieces that feel approachable and appealing to those both familiar and unfamiliar with art culture and promote creative exploration. I hope that with my work people can find a moment away from the anxiety of daily thoughts and responsibilities and just enjoy the experience of interacting with what is in front of them.
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